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Localization of Gaming Products

Neotech has more than 25 years’ experience in the translation industry. In that time, we’ve built up an exceptional team of professionals who share a common goal: delivering a top-notch translation. Drawing from our pool of more than 200 in-house employees and 750 freelancers, we’re always able to quickly put together a team that’s ready to work on any project, no matter how big or small it may be. Depending on the job, we’ll mobilize translators, editors, proofreaders, testers, voice-over actors, engineering experts, print managers, consultants and other specialists.

In the last year alone, we translated more than 200,000 words for different games, and we have experience managing more than 10 gaming projects simultaneously.

Neotech offers localization services for all types of gaming products, and we have the expertise to translate marketing materials for release in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

We’re personally invested in the outcome of every project: our team members are remarkable not only for their professionalism and extensive experience working on a wide range of jobs, but also for their love of gaming and passion for current pop culture and the gaming industry.

When you work with Neotech, you can be confident that your project will be in reliable hands.

We offer a full slate of localization services:


We take care of the entire process: we translate, edit and proofread all materials related to the game, as well as all accompanying documentation, such as legal documents, marketing materials and more.

Dubbing and voice-over

By working exclusively with professional recording studios and experienced directors and voice-over actors, we guarantee that we’ll provide an outstanding product.

Linguistic testing

After the game goes through the full translation process, our expert testers painstakingly review the game, making sure that the text components are correct: they must be appropriate for the context and entirely error free, the text blocks must be properly arranged on the screen, etc.

Localization consulting

If you have any concerns, we can conduct an audit. Our specialists will help you with any questions you have about game localization and the preparation of materials. They’ll help you pinpoint your needs.

We work with source files, in any format, that contain a text component, including graphic images. After the localization process is completed, you’ll receive a package containing files with the translations into the language you need, in a similar format. You’ll then be able to seamlessly convert the gaming product from one language version to another in the development environment you’re used to.

We work with all platforms:

Before we get started on any translation, our specialists compile a glossary for the project. This glossary ensures coherence in the translation: terms, names and the mythology of the game’s universe will be consistent.

Each job includes a multistep quality-control process. We follow a systematic procedure: prepare for the translation, translate all required materials, edit, proofread, and conduct linguistic testing of the product. We don’t deliver the materials to you until we’ve performed all these steps. That way, we’re confident that we’re providing you with a first-rate product.

We have an in-house layout department that can take care of all your preproduction and printing needs when it comes to your accompanying materials: instructions, artbooks and marketing collateral.

We localize games in any genre for any audience:

  • Action;
  • Adventure;
  • Arcade;
  • Educational;
  • Fighting;
  • Horror;
  • Interactive Fiction;
  • MOBA;
  • Puzzle — Logic;
  • Quest;
  • Racing;
  • RPG — Role Playing Game; MMORPG;
  • Simulation; Vehicle Simulation;
  • Sports;
  • Strategy;
  • Card game and others

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